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Mobile Welding & Engineering
Welding & Fabrication
Repairs and Maintenance
Profile Cutting Services
Jetboat Building &
Boat Repairs

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About All Metal Welding


Started in 2020, All Metal Welding builds on many years experience in a wide range of welding and fabrication settings, from  commercial and residential drilling and piling works across New Zealand (sheetpiling, screwpiling, rock anchoring and more), to steel and aluminium jetboat building and repairs. 

All of these experiences have created a unique set of skills available that can be applied 

to your welding and fabrication needs - at your site or ours. 

All Metal Welding prides itself on high quality, mobile functionality and technical capability, and has built a strong team of subcontractors to call upon to react quickly to your needs. 

Root Rake Digger Bucket Attachment
Hopper for sand drying machine
Aluminium Jetboat Hull ready for some fun
Pipe Welds
Profile cutting on Plazmax
750dia drill clean out bucket
Plazmax Profile Cutter


Some of our key services are highlighted below.

We are happy and able to work at your place or ours, and have access to a highly skilled team of staff and subcontractors.

Get in touch to discuss your project further. 

Mobile Welding & Engineering

  • Light truck with on-site capability for engineering, welding and splicing of full strength pile welds.

  • Expertise and resources to work in all conditions and locations.

Pile weld.jpg

Welding & Repairs

  • Large workshop with 2.5t gantry crane.

  • Good access for long length deliveries and processing of 12+ metre lengths. 

  • Beam and pipe cutting of large sections.

  • Most general welding processes available.

  • Digger bucket repair and replacement.

  • Wear packages for buckets/augers.

  • Piling / drilling adaptors, modifications to tooling.

  • Tool joints and casing for permanent and temporary works.

Profile Cutting Services

  • Steel for structural and general plates and fittings.

  • Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminium - Sheet & Plate cutting.

  • 3.6m x 1.8m bed, 200 amp powersource capacity.

  • Cutting capacity up to 50mm steel.

profile cutting 2.jpg

Jetboat Building & Boat Repairs

  • New builds. 

  • Repairs - major or minor. 

Top Seller


Sam Townshend

0274 421 421

12 Tanya St, Bromley, Christchurch, New Zealand

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